Monday, 21 March 2016

5 Tips for Secure Wordpress Blog

WordPress itself is an exceptionally secure stage. In any case, there's a couple oversights that numerous WordPress clients make and that can be misused by potential aggressors.In this article, We displaying you 10+ tips for most extreme security.
1.Stay Overhauled
Upgrades bring new elements, additionally security fixes. Despite the fact that WordPress has programmed foundation upgrades since form 3.7, you ought to dependably watch out for them, as programmed overhauls might neglect to finish now and again. Modules are likewise a delicate piece of your WordPress establishment. Keep in mind to redesign them when an upgrade is accessible.

2. Pick a solid secret key
Yet working with WordPress (and sites when all is said in done) each day, I can let you know that the vast majority are as yet utilizing feeble passwords to secure something as critical as their own particular site.
A solid secret key has:

  •    No less than 15 characters      Capitalized letters
  •   Lowercase letters
  •    Numbers
  •    Images, for example, `! " ? $ ? % ^ and * ( ) _ - + = { [ }]:

A strong password is not:
  • Your login or username
  • Your name, your friend’s name, your family member’s name, or a common name   a dictionary word
  •   like your previous passwords
  • your date of birth
3. Host your site on a dependable web host
The following are the three web has I for one work with and suggest for their execution and security:
Vidahost:  This organization has been facilitating CatsWhoCode since 2012. The velocity and accessibility are astounding and the bolster benefit dependably reacts quick, even on Sundays or amidst the night. The main down point is to some degree costly cost, however simply like shabby facilitating isn't great, great facilitating isn't shoddy.
Uplifting News: By utilizing the coupon CATSWHOCODE when looking at, you'll get 10% off any facilitating arrangement.
In Motion Hosting: I haven't worked with them specifically yet, yet I've been altering a considerable amount of sites facilitated on their servers and everything was smooth. Certainly worth checking!

4. Disable File Editing

WordPress highlights an implicit document manager, which can be exceptionally helpful to alter your subject on the fly. Lamentably, if an assailant accesses your WordPress dashboard as an executive, he will have the capacity to alter your records, and do much harm. Hence, you might need to incapacitate WordPress worked in record editorial manager and utilize a standard FTP system to alter your subject documents.

To do as such, basically glue the code beneath into your wp-config.php record, which is situated at the base of your WordPress introduce.

5. Use .htaccess to secure wp-login

Secret word securing your WP-login.php document can add an additional layer to your server. Since secret key securing WP-administrator can break any module that uses ajax on the front end, it's normally adequate to simply ensure WP-login.php.
To do this, you should make a .ht passwd record. To do as such, go to ht passwd generator and take after the guidelines. When you have your record prepared, transfer it to your server.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Web designing is creating a good looking website along with user friendly, search engine friendly. If a website design is need to be of good quality it should keep these factors in mind. It should be a profit generating, good looking, user friendly website.
First of all let us know what makes a website having all these qualities.
  • There should be a good balance of everything. Colors on website should be properly balanced.
  • Website design color should match with logo design color.  Website design color should match with products on website too. 
  • Menus should be highlighted and easily readable and clear for users. Which menu link represent what in a website should be clear to user. 
  • Sections should be neat and clear. Grids should be clear. 
  • Graphics should be good in a website design. Images should be related to business objective. 
  • Font size and style should be good.
  • Content of a website should be good and easily understandable to user. 
  • Like for a strong and good building its base should be strong. Home page of a website is its base. IT should be good looking and clear enough so that it conveys objective of business to user.
These days responsiveness is necessity in a website. So that a user can operate and see a website properly in all type of mobile devices. So it is good to have a website design responsive.
About responsiveness we will read in detail our next coming article……

Careful About These Some Web Design Trends in 2016

Patterns in web outline, similar to mold patterns, go back and forth. Some of the time patterns are managed by need (like responsive blueprint). Different patterns are industry shifts, for example, the change from skeuomorphism to level configuration.
With that in mind, how about we take a gander at the outline slants that you might need to twice about using.

 1.Hiding  Under a Hamburger Menu

As Mobile got to be ordinary, fashioners began improving route and concealing it under a Hamburger menu. It's a pattern that is additionally crawled into the desktop form of sites.
Putting route under a ground Hamburger menu makes a site cleaner, sleeker. What's more, a great many people are sufficiently recognizable with the example.

As You can see everything is hidden under the global hamburger menu.
As they call attention to, here's two or three approaches to tell if covering up worldwide route is for you:
Skyrocketing bounce rates on landing pages. Clients won't stick around if worldwide route isn't self-evident, making it hard for them to search the site.
Where clients are clicking: Is it accurate to say that they are really tapping the burger menu? If not and consolidated with high ricochet rate, then you know something is not right. You can check the snaps with heat mapping instruments from Crazy Egg and Usability Tools.

2. Front-page Carousels

Nowadays, carousels go rounds appear to be all over the place. They can include visual interest and reduce clutter. In any case, with their staggering use, they've made a lot of sites feel treat cutter.

 Few things to consider:
      Carousels are bad for SEO: This is particularly valid as Google no more creeps meta watchwords (despite the fact that Bing does) thus will take catchphrase data from the page. Obviously, you can have the word check beneath the merry go round, in the body of the page.
            Pushes Content down below the fold: While over the fold substance is maybe not as imperative as it once might have been (we all expertise to look over nowadays'), despite everything it not suggested by Google that you push content let down the page. While the search gaint suggestions depend on advertisement content over the fold, a carousel go round truly doesn't offer much in the method for worth to the client – it's simply lovely.
    Tends to be inaccessible: Further to this, only a recent report demonstrated that only 1% of individuals snap on merry go rounds. Furthermore, numerous essentially overlook them and don't note the substance, on account of the wonder known as flag visual impairment.
The greater part of this is not to say that you shouldn't utilize carousels go rounds at all in your outlines, yet you ought to have a justifiable reason purpose behind their consideration beside that the customer preferences it. Carousels go rounds can work, yet they ought to be created and upgraded to guarantee that they don't trade off UX and openness.

 As you can See the front page carousels in this image.

3. Parallax Scrolling: The parallax method permits the frontal area and foundation substance to look at changed velocities, making a fantasy of profundity. It can be utilized to great impact, yet it's begging to be proven wrong in the event that it can be portrayed as having great UX.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Compass Technologies-Best Web Services

 We offer end-to-end organization to all your web application needs. We do give a Customized Web Application Development from get-together the essentials and giving choosing results in movement and association of Web Applications. Our Web Application planners have association in making Commercial Web Application to meet the particular furthermore the business essentials.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Ecommerce Website Designing in Chandigarh

Compass Technologies offer you to select your business for this interest. Compass Technologies plan e-business site taking into account requirement for individual items.

It gives you sheltered and smooth exchange. Compass Technologies offers you reasonable, secure and dependable e-business site, which will be easy to use by extensive number of online clients.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


 Compass Technologies has been monitoring Android-related developments from the start. We had  specifically researched the platform during its pre-launch phase, participated in the early Google Android application contest and started to offer development of custom commercial applications for the Android platform as soon as Android-powered handsets became available on the market.

Compass Technologies has developed multiple custom solutions for automaton, from separate widgets and standalone applications to Java solutions mistreatment PHP net services and enterprise-level mobile shoppers integrated with heterogeneous company systems.